~Rose Mills Printers~


Rose Mills Printers was established by two partners, Terry Wright and Jim Moss in 2007 after working together in the management of a large printing company. The idea was to ‘get back to our roots’ and produce the work ourselves instead of managing others. Quality and a professional service using traditional techniques has been the watchword and we always pride ourselves in being involved in the complete process from design, proofreading, printing and finishing. Adrian Manning recently joined the company and together we look forward to the future maintaining the high standards we have achieved to date.




terry wrightMy long association with printing began at the tender age of fifteen when an inspirational art teacher, a Mr George Lewis, started a printing club. Using Adanas, treadle and table-top hand-fed machines producing school work, dance tickets and posters etc. The seal was made and I became hooked with ink on paper which has lasted all my life.

George the teacher helped me secure an apprenticeship at a small local printer, all letterpress and very hands-on. Here I was first introduced to the ubiquitous Heidelberg platen. I have since run or owned one to this day – one of our presses that we use currently at Rose Mills. The apprenticeship was a perfect position to learn the ways of a small printing company. Hand-set type was the standard procedure as litho hadn’t made inroads into commercial printing in the early sixties.

A long and happy career in the print trade culminated in my own company, The Matthews Wright Press which, at its peak, employed fifteen staff with six printing machines and a good order book. My love of letterpress remained with me throughout and is now fulfilled in the establishing of Rose Mills Printers.

As therapy I find and rebuild letterpress platen presses returning them to their former glory and giving another generation of designers and typographers the joy of printing with old machinery.





adrian manningAfter 31 years of working in office based roles and on the periphery of the print industry, I am now back to my roots, a Letterpress Printer.

I was trained as a letterpress machine minder, on a 4 year apprenticeship at Burgess and Sons Ltd, Abingdon. Learning to operate a Heidelberg Platen, Heidelberg Cylinder 54×72 and a Nebiolo Cylinder SRA3.  I also learnt all aspects of hand / machine and photoset composition, litho platemaking and some finishing processes.  Once my apprenticeship was completed, I worked my way through many office based roles from Order Clerk to Operation Director and in the late 1980’s I controlled the implementation of an Optimus Management Information System (MIS), as the system administrator.

In the mid 1990’s I set up as a Print Management Consultancy. I advised on business systems development, management techniques, operational processes, costing, identifying profitable product lines and human resources. Using a client’s computer systems as a catalyst, I identified areas for change within the company structure and created and managed a project plan to achieve set goals.  I worked closely with both Optimus and Sanderson, and had dealings with Tharstern, Shuttleworth and Prism.

After working for Prism Europe Ltd in early 2007, I accepted the position of UK Operations Manager, controlling the European Operations, based in the UK with a staff of 22.  EFI acquired the Prism Group business in August 2011. During the transition of the European Operations into EFI, I moved into the Professional Services Manager role, controlling a team of 17 consultants, working in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

I bring these skills to Rose Mills Printers and along with my love for printing, will continue the professional service and high standards both Terry and Jim originally set.


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